What can visitors expect?

Al Wasl Plaza will be the heart of Expo 2020. It is said to bring together a physical manifestation of the main theme of the Expo, which is "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future." Significant events such as the opening and closing ceremonies will be held here.

The public were given their first look in April 2017 at how Al Wasl Plaza is expected to shape up. A dome is set to double up as a 360-degree screen at night, projecting images to thousands of visitors both inside and outside. The dome will be 65 metres tall with a diameter of 150m, and will hold an estimated 10,000 visitors, said Ahmed Al Khatib, vice president of property at Expo 2020 Dubai. Filled with fountains, waterfalls, parks and palm-lined courtyards, the dome will be partly open to the sky at the top. Each participating country will have its own pavilion, while there will also be a pavilion for each of the main themes - sustainability, mobility and opportunity. The UAE pavilion meanwhile is being designed by Santiago Calatrava and features the outline of a falcon. www.expo2020dubai.com